5 Uses of Coconut Oil for Your Baby

A baby is the most precious thing in the world. As a mother, it is natural to worry about almost everything, which involves the baby, whether it be a formula milk, baby bottle, wash, lotion, and cream. Babies, especially newborns, tend to have sensitive skin. You want to use products that are chemical free to make it safe for the baby.

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Lucky for you, there are a lot of natural and organic stores that sell coconut oil. Coconut oil is exceptionally versatile and can be used as an alternative or a substitute for almost all infant products. All you need is a jar of organic coconut oil and your baby will enjoy these incredible benefits.

1. Rash Cream

Coconut oil is an excellent way to treat rashes. Unlike other creams which can be harsh, coconut oil is completely gentle on the skin even on the most sensitive babies. Since there are no chemicals in the product, there is no risk of aggravating the rashes it making it worse. All you have to do is apply coco oil on the affected area like any cream.

2. Cradle Cap Cream

Newborn babies commonly suffer cradle cap, a fungal scalp condition. Fortunately, it can be easily remedied with coconut oil. Coco oil is rich in antifungal properties which can fight off the fungus on the skin. Plus, coconut oil is an amazing moisturizer which can help soothe the inflammations and remove dry flaky skin while nourishing the scalp.

3. Candida Treatment

Candida or thrush is another common infection that affects babies. It manifests itself through rashes around a baby’s mouth or around the diaper area. A baby experiencing Candida can be easily treated with coconut oil through application on the affected area or through intake.

Coconut oil is edible. If this happens while you are breastfeeding, you can take a spoonful of coconut oil each day to help the baby get its antimicrobial properties through your milk. Or you can take some coconut oil and apply it on your nipples before you breastfeed.

4. Baby Wash

Instead of using chemically infused baby wash products, why not use coconut oil instead? You can easily make your own homemade baby wash out of coco oil, organic Castile soap, and water. All you need is to mix these ingredients together and voila! You have your own natural and organic baby wash.

5. Massage Oil

Massaging a baby brings a lot of benefits. Not only can it help relax the baby and promote a good quality of sleep, it can help build a stronger bond between mother and child. Some baby oils, however, are made from harsh ingredients which can irritate a baby’s sensitive skin. Use virgin coco oil instead. It is all natural and free from chemicals. You do not have to worry about irritations or allergic reactions.

Due to the fast growing demand for coconut products, there are thousands of stores that sell coco oil. Finding a jar of organic coconut oil of your own is as easy as counting one two three. Whether you will go to a grocery store or a beauty shop, you will find hundreds of coco oil on display. Or you can simply pop your laptop open and find it online. Enjoy the wonderful benefits of coconut oil for your baby.

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